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- Our Roles -

Conference Director: (~10 hours a week)


- Coordinate all conference functions between finance, operations, marketing, and speaker relations.
- Develop the conference theme and set out a comprehensive strategy for the upcoming academic year.
- Manage and effectively delegate tasks among Directors. 

- Maintain relationships with all third parties from Departments, to Companies House. 

- Chair all meetings and track the progress of conference planning.
- Communicates and resolves problems effectively and in a timely manner with Directors and Officers. 


- Proven customer service/interpersonal relations skills and entrepreneurial activities.

- Strong ability to organise and delegate tasks effectively.

- Prior experience in event organisation is a plus.


Director of Finance: (~8 hours a week)


- Maintain conference finances, through accurately recording all income inflows and outflows.

- Prepare and forecast a budget for all conference activities.
- Work with the Finance Officer(s) to create bespoke sponsorship prospectus. 

- Actively seek sponsors and partners through various communication means.


- Good communication skills and high attention to detail.

- Ability to communicate and harmonise financial activities across conference functions. 

- Strong mathematical ability and proficiency in Microsoft Excel is a plus.

Director of Operations: (~8 hours a week)


- Manage all logistical aspects of the conference and other activities, including room bookings, catering among other things.

- Liaise with the Conference Director to establish a conference theme and agenda.

- Highlight any key health and safety concerns and risks that are posed to YSC. 

- Take minutes at all meetings and organise the agenda. 


- Strong organisational skills and understanding of the University Planon booking system. 

- Proven interpersonal skills and ability to liaise with other conference functions.

Director of Speaker Relations: (~8 hours a week)


- Manage all speakers by providing them with information relating to their specific time slot.

- Support speaker requests ensuring that they are happy for the duration of the conference day, and in the preliminary organisation. 

- Liaise with the Director of Marketing to effectively promote speakers. 

- Work with Speaker Relations Officer(s) to create bespoke prospectuses for potential speakers. 


- High levels of professionalism and etiquette is a must.

- Good negotiation and organisational skills with the ability to respond quickly. 

- An established contactable network of professionals is a plus.

Director of Marketing: (~8 hours a week)


- Manage all marketing channels including social media, mailing list, physical print, and banners.

- Work with Marketing Officer(s) to create promotional items for all YSC events. 

- Broaden YSC's reach through departmental partnerships and beyond the University of York.


- Creativity and ability to express items of interest in a professional yet relatable way.

- Active understanding of social media pages.

- Previous management of social media channels for a society or other related organisation is a plus.


Director of Technology: (~5 hours a week)


- Manage the YSC Website with the Director of Marketing to update and maintain it regularly.

- Establish strong cybersecurity protocols across all YSC assets including email, Google Drive, among other items.


- Good understanding of website maintenance through popular website editors, and Google-based products.

Finance Officer: (~5 hours a week)


- Liaise with the Director of Finance to meet YSC's financial objectives.

- Work to create a sponsorship prospectus.
- Reach out to businesses and Departments to explore sponsorship opportunities. 


- Excellent written, oral, and negotiation skills.

- Strong organisational, and interpersonal skills. 

Speaker Relations Officer: (~5 hours a week)


- Search for potential speakers for YSC in-line with the conference theme.
- Maintain relationships with confirmed speakers, and manage their requests and queries. 


- Strong interpersonal skills, and a capacity to maintain effective relationships with a range of stakeholders. 

- High levels of professional and business etiquette.

Marketing Officer: (~6 hours a week)


- Manage in conjunction with the Director of Marketing, YSC social media channels, and mailing list.

- Create flyers, posters, and infographics for print and social media.


- Familiarity with the creation of infographics and other marketing material to promote YSC activities. 

- Creativity with making marketing items is a plus. 

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