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What will you discover?
As a non-profit, student-run event, our achievements have only been possible through the dedicated work of our volunteers and sponsors. Help us reach more individuals and promote science and technology.
Sponsorship Opportunities:

Address directly 400+ students through YSC 2019 and private events.

Engage with

7000+ students across York in a multi-diciplinary background.

Access Russell Group talent with a diverse demographic in York.

Exclusive perks through Freshers Fair, YSC Discovery Series and more!

Request a Sponsorship Brochure now, and sponsor the first student-run science-based conference in Europe!
What will you design?
Our mission is to explore new developments and science and technology. This aim is always achieved with guests and partners. Join us in the promotion of new ideas to students across the University of York and beyond!
Speaker and Workshop Opportunities:

Expose your research and brand

Invoke curiosity and improve your CSR

Provide value and opportunities to students

Reach out now and speak at the first student-run science-based conference in Europe!
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