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We've evolved.

YSC 2020-21 Committee.jpg

The Committee 

In February 2020, a brand new YSC committee was formed. The new committee includes: 

  • Conference Director

  • Director of Finance

  • Finance Officer

  • Director of Speaker Relations

  • Speaker Relations Officer. 

  • Director of Operations 

  • Director of Marketing

YSC 2021

Our 2021 conference is themed around sustainability, a current and hot topic. This means we will be exploring emerging trends in science and technology regarding sustainability in scientific practice and research. The event is being delivered  virtually via Airmeet on the 3rd February 2021. The event is free, there is no need to register to attend, and you do not need an Airmeet account to join. A link to the event will be posted on our Facebook page from the 27th January 2021. You can find our event on the University of York's student home, student news webpage. 

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The benefits of attending our 2021 conference 

Why you should attend the 2021 YSC.png
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