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- About Us -

- Anticipate Change -

Generalist science-themed events are rare in the UK, even more so at the university level.


With advances in science and technology occurring all the time, we want to cut through the noise and find out how they will impact you, society, the economy and beyond.

Understanding the changes happening to the world from a scientific perspective will enable our delegates and members to make more informed decisions about their pursuits.


- Discovery Series -

We are more than a one-day event. We provide opportunities for students throughout the academic year.

This is accomplished through our Discovery Series, which explores recent trends and niche topics which interest many students.

These are short demonstrations, panel debates, and workshops aimed at educating students about recent topics.

Check out our highlights below!

What did you discover?

Kendo: Science, Art, Sport

9th November 2018

Our first ever event debuted at the University of York, exploring the Japanese sport, Kendo.

Included an epic demonstration by Kendo Captain, Pedro Widgerowitz exploring fighting techniques and the cultural origins of Kendo.

Blockchain: Cryptic or Clear?

21st November 2018

Blockchain has made regular top news stories throughout the past few years.

Partnering with Blockchain Development and Research Society we challenged guests to come up with ways to integrate Blockchain into a business.

Lab-grown Meat and Agricultural techniques.

29th November 2018

Our most anticipated event was the thrilling and controversial debate on Lab-grown Meats and where our food will come from. With a strong political element, our panellists explored emerging lifestyles such as veganism.

- Who are we? -

We are motivated undergraduates studying at the University of York having represented over nine academic departments. Our committee has had students from Chemistry to Law, providing us with the diversity of thought required to make our organisation successful.

We are professional and fun, with a mission that unites us - exploring new developments in science and technology from an academic and corporate perspective. You can be sure to find us in the Library cramming, out in York, and definitely in lectures!

Interested in joining? 2020/21 committee applications are open - Apply here!

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